Cost effective cloud messaging solutions for mobile user acquisition.

Our SMS API help you increase your ROI on your mobile marketing campaigns.


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Engage consumers and grow your base using text messaging through a single REST API

Rich Functionality

More features built in on our side, means less development work for you

Smart Pricing

Mobile device validation lets us divert messages that can’t be delivered, improving your ROI

Install Tracking

Finally, consolidate your tracking performance through the third party solution of your choice.

My app already lets users invite friends via SMS, why use cloud based messaging?

Using the cloud to send invitations just makes good sense. Sending messages via our SocialHook API improves the user experience for you users. Once they choose their friends, it takes one click to send, whether to one or many, without worrying about messaging charges. It also allows us to support important features like opt-out management, preventing duplicate messages and number validation. For your User Acquisition team, it means ROI tracking, Viral Analytics, and A/B testing to understand what really works. Bottom Line, using our SocialHook API to deliver your invitations helps you increase your viral growth.

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