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We Deliver Text Messages To Chinese Subscribers

Our SMS API Provides Reliable Delivery in Hard to Reach Markets

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Cost effective cloud messaging solutions for mobile user activation.

Our SMS API provides reliable delivery in hard to reach markets.

Reaching Chinese Subscribers Can Be Challenging. Hook Mobile Makes It Easy And Reliable.

Many of our customers have reported disappointing results using local Chinese providers for text message delivery in China. So called “grey routes” are commonplace. What’s more, local Chinese providers are known to systematically drop messages in order to carve out margin in a fiercely competitive market. To make matters worse, Chinese carriers frequently block large ranges of virtual numbers from delivering text messages to their subscribers for sometimes unclear reasons.

Some customers have tried using established short code solutions, but Chinese consumers have been overwhelmed with unwanted messages from these routes and often reject messages from Short Codes.

When activating new consumers requires reliable communications, you can’t afford to risk messages that don’t arrive.

Serious messaging customers need a partner who understands how to navigate the complex Chinese landscape. Hook Mobile has deep roots in China and Taiwan. We connect directly to SMSC’s in China to provide the most reliable service. We deliver messages using Local Mobile numbers (not SIM’s) sourced from Chinese wireless carriers. Our customers consistently report that we provide the most reliable messaging delivery route to China.

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