Hook Mobile powers leading cloud communications providers, wholesalers, and applications worldwide. Hook Mobile’s GLOBAL CONNECT service leverages a cloud communications platform which combines SMS and SIP gateways with a feature rich set of API tools allowing you to seamlessly integrate SMS and voice into your services.

Connectivity: we offer fast, compliant, high quality connectivity and DID access to our premium routes in the US, Latin American and Asia. We offer connectivity to over 200 countries worldwide.

Numbers / DIDs: need local numbers? Hook Mobile can help you improve your service experience with local DIDs to support your service offering.

SMS Enablement for Your Numbers: we can turn your voice numbers into voice and text numbers.

Cloud Communications Tools: Use our cloud messaging platform APIs to enable new messaging services to your existing customers!

We source mobile numbers directly from wireless operators providing true 2-way messaging and voice services at affordable rates. Recently, major operators have launched initiatives to block traffic from unapproved and ‘grey routes’. By working directly with carriers, we are able to navigate the dynamics of this marketplace to provide reliable, compliant, high quality delivery for our customers.


The Hook Mobile IP DIRECT service is a global hub that enables IP endpoints (applications, wholesalers, call centers, cable companies, VoIP providers, wireless companies, etc.) to directly exchange traffic with each other at lower cost and with enhanced service quality and capabilities.

Membership: IP DIRECT is a membership-based service in which Members benefit from the direct exchange and the ability to roll out additional value added capabilities based on uninterrupted IP service.

Give to Get: By participating as a Member you agree to accept traffic from other Members. In exchange you can terminate your traffic to any other IP DIRECT Member.

Fast and Easy: simply load your numbers and NNID and you are done. You don’t need to change your LCR vendor, just start saving money!

‘Top of Stack’ LCR – hard to beat free!: Because IP DIRECT fees are membership based, the actual delivery of traffic is in essence zero. Just place IP DIRECT at the top of your LCR stack.

Route all traffic or Dip: Hook Mobile is flexible to your preferred method of routing. You can choose to send us all of your traffic by letting us be the first call on the array and 503 back (for non-deliverable traffic) or dip your traffic with a Hook DIP API or use your existing NetNumber dip. We will configure the approach that works best for you.

Registry Driven – Data is Always Up to Date: IP DIRECT has partnered with NetNumber to provide an industry proven solution for keeping data sets clean regarding portability. No need to inform Hook Mobile when numbers are ported out we take care of that automatically.

Future Services! As the IP DIRECT Hub evolves, we envision adding Video, Codec Transparency and several optional services such as Location-Based Services, third party security add-ons (e.g. PIN Drop) and other value-add services customers request. The IP DIRECT Hub is built on industry standards and designed to scale and evolve to meet future customer needs.

Highest Quality at the Lowest Price: The IP DIRECT hub provides 100% direct IP to IP routing of your traffic at a cost that is radically lower costs than traditional industry pricing.

We are starting technical trials and accepting pilot participant requests now. Join US!


As the name suggests, APPHook is all about delivering appstore links and trusted shortend URLs and tracking their success. Users can easily trigger a text message to their device right from your website and make the install process that much easier. Included URL shortening makes tracking a breeze. Best of all, this API is free to use and includes a dedicated virtual number.


More than ever, developers need to create a one to one relationship with users. Account authentication over SMS is becoming the most popular mechanism to manage user identity, eliminating duplicate accounts, and protecting your users and your community. You can use this API for outbound or inbound PIN code delivery and authentication