Increasingly large enterprises, OTT applications, and businesses want to use local numbers to drive personalized, in market SMS and voice communication with their customers.

Hook Mobile’s CPaaS capabilities (cloud platform as a service), coupled with local phone numbers, power some of the world’s largest brands activities in areas such as:

  • Authentication and related security services
  • Autonomous number services
  • Other forms of integrated and unified communication

Our expert staff is familiar with the challenges of global communication. We can help you to extend your solutions to your customers – easily and effectively.


Cloud communication platform and API’s enable enterprises to engage markets with local communication through local numbers, sms and voice.

A-Z Routed SMS:

Reach over 190 countries with 1 way SMS termination via simple APIs.

Premium Routed SMS:

1 and 2 way SMS delivery provide highest quality conversion and overall service quality. Routes are optimized for quality per local conditions (via long code, short code, etc.). These routes are used for enterprise critical communication and services by our leading global enterprise customers. Typical use cases include two factor authentication, other security measures and core corporate communication.

Local Numbers (VLNs) Routed SMS:

Use virtual local numbers (VLNs) to communicate in country with local numbers. Local numbers are often used for OTT and Enterprise person to person(P2P) use cases such as communication between OTT app users or Enterprise Unified Communication services.

SIP Trunking:

Inbound and outbound SIP trunking allows you to instantly provision and enable voice communication to your existing infrastructure for low latency simple geographic routing.

Additional Tools:

Hook provides voice and sms tool kits to enable enterprises to quickly develop workflow / call flow solutions.

Local Numbers (VLNs):

Obtain local numbers from Hook to support your messaging and voice services. Numbers are available for many countries around the world – just let us know what you need.

SMS Enablement / SPID Hosting:

If you have existing US numbers we can enable and host them to be recognized for SMS routing. Hook has relationships with over 45 US CLECs.

Short Codes:

Hook can help you set up short code services in the US and Canada and Latin America, as well as, route messages in many international markets via 1 and 2 way short code options.

Hook SMS & Voice Toolbox:

Drag and drop toolbox provides a software environment which can be used to develop sophisticated SMS and voice call flows. Please ask your account manager for more information or reach out to Hook Mobile via the ‘get started’ button.

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Hook Mobile can help MNOs power more enterprise API driven communications to create additional revenue streams

Let’s Connect!

The first step is to connect with Hook for SMS (SMPP) and voice (SIP) so that we can enable enterprise API based communication services for your market. Our expert engineering team has integrated with MNOs supporting hundreds of millions of end users. We are ready to answer your questions and solve any issue that may come up.

Certified Numbers Provide Service Level Visibility to the Network Operator

Much like a ‘certified letter’ helps one understand who sent a package (name, address, phone, insurance details, etc.), the Certified Number helps MNOs understand details behind who is operating a service on a Certified Number and key details about them (name, contact details, service detail, etc.). Get in touch with us to learn more.

Need a A2P Gateway Provider? Hook Can Help!

Some of our MNO partners’ prefer to have a separate connection to run all of their A2P (application to person) enterprise traffic. Let Hook manage this for you. With Hook’s Certified Number program you will always know who is running services on your numbers. Questions? Get in touch with us to learn more.

Create a new revenue streams by providing your enterprise sales teams Global CPaaS (Communication Platform as a Service) capabilities

MNOs increasingly need to focus on revenues and supporting the needs of their enterprise customers. Hook Mobile can help by enabling CPaaS cloud APIs, as well as, SMS and Voice tool kits to support MNO’s enterprises customers. Get in touch with us to learn more.

Best in class monitoring and security

As a global service provider, deeply engaged with carriers in Europe, Asia, and the Americas, Hook Mobile also provides MNOs with best practice security solutions. Get in touch with us to learn more.

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Communication Platform as a service

Our platform takes care of the complexity so you can take care of the business

Cloud APIs

Customer Portal & Analytics

One and Two way sms

Keyword and Opt out support

Service and Support

High Reliability

Notification & Delivery Receipts

Anti spam tools

Low Latency


High performance


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